Sérgio Vieira Barbosa  | a r q u i t e t u r a 

Architecture | Design | Research Studio it’s a multidisciplinary platform which develops projects, ideas and research within architecture, engeneering and urbanism.

We specialize in the refurbishment of buildings, development of public and private facilities, where we have extensive experience including hotel spaces (Hotels, Local Lodging, Tourism, Rural Tourism, Resorts and others), social equipment, (Day centers, Senior Residences, Nursing Homes, Nurseries, Nurseries, ATL and others), religious facilities (Churches, Parish Centers, Cemeteries, Funeral Homes).

We perform our work following the principles of Project Management -PMI, with expertise in building management and coordination, site management and supervision.


Research and exploration of architecture in a multidisciplinary platform.

Our work can be judged by the public mainly in the area of architecture.

The design that is produced is marked by spaces of pure forms, simple and refined by using light, the central element of our work.

We advocate an architecture without excess and seek to maintain in all that we do a consistent language with a clear and objective message to the senses.